Monday, August 13, 2012

Grotesque Burlesque - Some Pictures From Saturday

As you all know by now, I attended a burlesque party in Copenhagen on Saturday. It was a fantastic evening filled with drinks, dancing, cigarettes and fantastic costumes. The dresscode was pretty strict, and I even heard that some people were sent away due to the lack of the right ensemble. I thought I looked pretty good, however not as far out and special as the other ladies I attended the party with.
Well, now I know, and next time I'm going all out, haha :)
Anyway, here are some pictures from Saturday - enjoy!

This was what I wore; my new dress from the "Swan by Clements Riberio" line done for Evans. As I said, I did feel very pretty and certainly more overdressed than normal. However, it turned out that I was wildly underdressed at the party. And by the way; yes I know my shoelace is untied, haha :)

The wonder twins; Marie and Ida. I always feel so inadequate standing next to them; they're so different but still so so so gorgeous! 

Me and Marie. Marie hadn't planned her outfit at all, and she still ended up being one of the prettiest girls at the party. This picture was taken outside on the smoking terrace, where we took many breaks to smoke and "de-sweat".

And this is me and Ida, Marie's twin sister. Ida is the prettiest plus size girl I know; she's covered in tattoos but she's still so incredibly feminine.

And finally me - this picture you've seen :) We were lucky in getting a couple of seats right next to the dance floor. When we weren't dancing or smoking, I was memorized by all of the cool people in fantastic costumes. Next time I'll be one of them ;)


  1. That dress is gorgeou,s love the print! From afar it looks like a rooster lol.

    1. Hey Gazel :)
      Thanks, I love it too. And I guess you're right, haha. Teeny tiny roosters, haha ;)

      //Natalie Madeleine