Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bob Is Back

So last night, I took a long look in the mirror and just got so fed up with my hair. I would love love love to have long and luscious hair, but I really don't think it's in the cards for me - at least not right now. Last time I got my hair cut (by a hairdresser) was at the start of April, and then afterwards I've cut it a bit myself - but only the fringe. I get bored with my hair so often, and I'm really impulsive sometimes, so I often find myself with a scissor in hand and locks on the bathroom floor. Last night was one of those nights. I always cut my own fringe, cause I find that hairdressers never cut it the way I want them to. But I never never never cut the rest of my hair. I don't know; I just can't get it right. Anyway, as I said, last night I looked in the mirror and really didn't like what I saw. So I cut my hair - all of my hair. I took a chance and cut a lot of it. I felt a bit weird afterwards, but now I like it. Of course it's not a super clean cut, but as I always have big hair, you don't really see the not-so-straight lines. I also trimmed my fringe again. I always want to grow it out, but then it gets this weird length and just doesn't work. So now I have a little more personality to my hairstyle I think.
And luckily it still has a good length, so I can wear it up if I want to :)

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