Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Summary

It has been a very slow and uneventful week in my life - thus also here at the blog. This week I've really felt that I'm all done with having summer vacation, and I just want to get started with school already. But that's not the way things are - but they will be soon. I'm going back to school the 16th, and I simply can't wait no longer. Of course I'm a tad nervous about my new classes - but in a good way. I can't wait to meet all the new people that I'm going to spend the next year with. And most important of all; I can't wait to see the people I've spend the last year with.

Wednesday I met up with Marie, and together we strolled around town for a couple of hours. I bought all the new school necessities and I'm now totally ready for the new school year to begin. Marie and I also sat down for an hour and drank coffee outside at our favorite street café and had a nice time. It has been nice seeing Marie this much the last couple of weeks, and next Saturday we're actually going to Copenhagen to see a burlesque show.
I can't wait, and I already have the perfect outfit for the event.

Friday I got so fed up with just sitting around and doing nothing, that I rode my bike to Ro's Torv (a shopping center here in Roskilde) and took a stroll through the different shops. When I got home, I assembled a new shelve I got for the bathroom, and decided to do a little redecoration while I was at it. I often start projects like that; I can spend a whole day just moving things around my apartment until I get it just right.

Which I actually did yesterday. For a while now, I've been wanting to move some stuff around in my living room. I finally did it yesterday; I spent 3½ hours moving my furniture around the apartment. But all the different ways I tried just didn't look right, so after a cigarette break, I finally decided just to move it all back the way it was before. So basically I spent 3½ hours just making dents in my floor, haha :)

This morning, when I sat eating my bowl of serial and drinking a cup of coffee, my grandmother rang me up. She invited me over, so I could see my sister, her fiancé and their baby girl Selma. I actually haven't seen my sister and Selma in 3 months, and wow; Selma has gotten so big! I almost didn't recognize her. I've never really been a kid person, and I don't want children myself. I'm not really into the whole "child thing" and don't really know what I should do with them. Of course I love and adore my niece and Goddaughter, but for a long time it has been a little like "Yeah, okay, great?" But now she's talking, walking and doing stuff. She's was so entertaining that I just couldn't keep my eyes off her. It was actually loads of fun just sitting on the floor and clapping hands with her for 2 hours straight. Whaddaya Know; maybe I'm getting better at this whole "kids thing" haha :)

So that's my week.
Not the most eventful, but I guess that's just the way things are sometimes.
Have a great Sunday, superstars!

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