Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Summary

So sorry for the late Sunday Summary today. I'd actually forgotten all about it and only just remembered.
I've been very productive today and have had other things on my mind - but I'll get to that a bit further down.
It's been a very busy week for me, and I've gotten a lot of things done. Last week school started again, and even though I had a bit of a rough start, I finally feel that I'm slowly getting back on track. But it sure is different now than it was a couple of weeks back. I find it hard to get a moment to myself where I can just sit on the couch and relax; there's always something to do now. Don't get me wrong; I love it! But I won't lie; it was a bit overwhelming at first. But now, as I said, I'm back on track and have gotten a nice rhythm to my days.

Tuesday was pretty nice. Last year, Maria and I had a weekly tradition of meeting at my place in the morning before History class, where we would drink coffee and smoke ciggys. This year's no different - well, a little different. Now we meet at Tuesdays before chem. Last week I wasn't at all thrilled about having to endure chem, but after last weekends hard work, I find myself getting there - slowly. But I do understand some of it better now. Anyway, we went to school to have chem, where we actually got off a couple hours early. Not quite though. We had the opportunity to stay or go home and work on our individual chem presentations. Maria, Kasper and I went home to my place, where we managed to get a lot of work done and have a few laughs. After they went home and I'd cleaned up a bit, I sat down and finished my presentation. Then I did a little net shopping (ooops!) while drinking coffee and Skyping with Kasper.

Wednesday was my day off, though I didn't relax much. I took the opportunity of cleaning the whole apartment while I actually had the time for it. In the evening I cut my hair. I thought it looked pretty good, but now, a couple of days later, I've kind of regretted it, haha. But oh well, it'll grow back.

Thursdays are good days. Even though I have early classes - and believe me, they're a bitch - I already get off from school at 11. So after a quick meeting with the guidance chancellor and a bit of grocery shopping, I went home and had some time to myself. I did my homework, and then finally had some free time. I spend a bit of time dreaming of things I want for my birthday, and in the evening I relaxed with a pot of tea and some apples from my grandmothers apple tree.  

Friday, however, I was a bit of a fool and over slept - quite a bit actually. After going back and forth, I finally decided not to go to classes, and instead I stayed home. I did some more grocery shopping and watched two Harry Potter movies, and then I printed out my reading material and assignments for German E-Learning. I actually managed to read a couple of texts and do a few assignments, before taking the rest of the night of and enjoy my evening.

Yesterday I spend most of the day reading and writing German texts and assignments. I take the subject as an E-Learning course, so there's quite a bit to do if you don't start a reasonable time before the due date. Well, now I know :) In the evening I watched more Potter movies and enjoyed staying inside in the candlelit apartment, while the rain was pouring down outside.

And finally today. I got up early which actually was a great idea. After a quick breakfast and an episode of True Blood, I started on my German homework once again. And after 4 hours I can finally say: done! Well, almost anyway. I've finished all the reading and writing assignments, and now I only have to meet up with my teacher and do a presentation, then I'm all done :) I also read my Psychology homework for tomorrow, and now I'm about to do a little cleaning while watching the final Potter movie.

All in all it's been a little hectic this week, but not in a bad way.
This is exactly what I looked forward to when I was on holiday,
so all in all I would say that this week has been great :)

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