Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Four Things Right Now

After a very short day, where we had the opportunity to go home early and do a chem presentation, I traveled home to my place with Kasper and Maria where we worked on our presentations and shared a few laughs. After they went home, I made myself a pot of coffee...

... and worked some more on my presentation. I actually think chem was way better today than last Thursday. I don't get it completely, but I'm starting to get a vague idea of how things are done. I did, by the way, finish my presentation :)
Then it was time for a little R'n'R and just enjoy the rest of the day. Tomorrow I have the day of, so I'm allowed to take the rest of the day and just relax and enjoy myself. But not alone; I'm Skyping with Kasper...

... while doing a bit of net shopping. Actually I'm not really supposed to spend any money right now, since I'm saving up for a new tattoo. But I've been looking for a bag and matching shoes just like these - I didn't buy the dress, by the way. I did, however, buy the bag and shoes. Afterwards I felt a bit bad, but hey; I saved like 17£ total, so that's something. But also, sometimes you slip. I'm definitely not the first one to spend money when they're not really supposed to, haha :)

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