Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Summary

Hey hey hey you all everybody :)
Sunday is upon us once again, so here's a new Sunday Summary for you :)
Nothing much happened at the start of this week.
I've gotten this crazy sleep schedule where I go to bed at 5 in the morning, and then wake up at 12.
This is because I've been Skyping with Kasper until very late every night
- now that we both have vacation we have so much more time to just watch movies and chat all night :)

Wednesday though, something finally happened
- something I've been waiting for and saving up for, for quite a few months now.
I finally got my brand new couch, and wowi wowi wow wow, it's sooo pretty and comfy.
Due to it's size though, I had to rearrange and throw out a lot of stuff in the apartment.
But let me tell you, it looks so super fantastic now. It's like I've moved in to a brand new apartment!
So even though it was an all-day project, it was so worth it.
My apartment has never looked better, and I still catch myself
just sitting and looking around my apartment with a big grin on my face :)

Thursday I met up with the gang, and we all went to the annual graduation at our school.
It was great to see the others again, and wow, what a difference
- we were all so happy and smiling all the time.
Exams are a bitch, but when they're done, you're just so happy :)
After a couple of hours, Kasper and I went home to my place
and just enjoyed several cups of coffee and tea, while chatting about movies and everything in between :)

Otherwise it has been a quiet and relaxing weekend.
Friday I managed to get a lot of housework done, and Saturday I held kind of a "Day of Beauty"
where I washed my hair with expensive shampoo, gave myself a mani - and pedicure,
put on a face-mask (see picture below) and drank gallons of organic tea :)
All in all it has, in spite of it's slow beginning, actually been a super great week.

I hope yours was as well
- what about you; are you also enjoying summer vacay,
or are you stuck at work 5 days a week? :)

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