Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Summary

It's been one slow week in my life, but at least I had time to find my passion for blogging once again. I've been blogging a lot this week,
but over all nothing much has happened. So this Sunday Summary might be slightly boring.
Monday I enjoyed a quiet night with a pot of tea and a couple of Harry Potter movies. That very same day I also did a post about my apartment,
and showed you all some pictures - if you didn't see it, you can find it here.

Tuesday I got up early and ate breakfast and enjoyed the morning sun. Later in the day, Maria came by, and we had the loveliest time. We drank a lot of coffee, ate some pizza and drove down to the harbor and bought ourselves some ice creams and walked on the peer a bit.
All in all it was a fantastic evening, great to see her again, and most of all to have some girl talk.

Wednesday was very boring - but I put my boredom to good use, and styled my hair in different ways. Especially one hairstyle, I liked.
It was this, and I've already had my hair like that 3 more times. Sometimes boredom is a good thing.

Thursday nothing much happened, but I had kind of a girly day. I painted my nails, took a nice foot bath, shaved my legs, teated my hair to a nice
(and might I add expensive) treatment, and so on - you girls know what I'm talking about :)

Friday and Saturday have been totally low key. I've stayed in, cleaning the apartment and doing the laundry. Further more, I've managed to watch the complete series of Sex and the City in just one week - wow, now that I'm seeing it in writing, it really has been a slow week. But sometimes a girl just needs a week off from everything. Fortunately, next week is going to be more eventful. Tomorrow I'm taking the train to Växjö in Sweden, where I'm meeting my parents, and for the whole of next week I'm staying at the vacation home. It's gonna be great to get out a little and just seeing something else that the 4 walls of my apartment.

Anyway, that's about it for now.
If everything goes as planned, there should be a new outfit post for you tomorrow.
As always, check Facebook for updates. Have a nice Sunday, ladies - and gents!

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