Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Girls Night In

Late in the day, Maria came by for a visit. We haven't seen each other since the exams, which is really out of the ordinary for us.
We have kind of a "hoemance" going on - and yes, it doesn't sound that nice, but I looked up what bromance for girls is called,
and that's what Google suggested. Anyway, Maria and I have this absolutely perfect friendship, where we can talk about everything
- and I really do mean everything. So we sat down for a couple of hours and chatted vividly about everything going on in our lives,
drank loads of cups of coffee and smoked what seemed like endless cigarettes. At around 7 o'clock we drove down to the harbor and
bought ourselves a couple of ice creams, and whilst eating the delicious cold summer snacks, we strolled around, looking at all of the
boats and talked about future dreams of having fabulous parties at sea. Unfortunately I forgot my camera to document the beautiful
Danish summer weather and the good times we had.
After our stroll we bought pizza, went home and talked it up some more.
We've listened to all of my old records, and when it turned darker outside, I lit cozy candles inside.
All in all this evening has been a fantastic one. I so enjoy having a break from school!

Before: What the place looked like before Maria came by.

After: What the place looked like by the time Maria was leaving.

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