Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something New Today

Today I've been kinda bored - how could I not be, with that amazing evening I had yesterday? So between the occasional episode of Sex & The City, endless cups of coffee and a fair few cigarettes, I decided to go play a little with my hair. For so long now, I've been wanting to grow my hair out, and it's finally beginning to have some length to it. That means that there are dozens of ways to style it. And you know me; I'm a sucker for a good 'n old retro 'do'. So I found myself a bunch of bobby pins and tried out a hairstyle I'd seen on a vintage blog earlier today. I actually think it came out pretty good for a first try. It wasn't hard at all; all I needed was bobby pins, strong hairspray and some creativity.
What do you think? Is it a keeper?


  1. Hey Betina

    Jeg skal se om jeg kan få lavet en Tutorial en af de kommende uger.
    Og tusinde tak, jeg er også selv het vild med det :)

    //Natalie Madeleine

  2. Det ser virkelig fedt ud!! (: