Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Summary

Hello hello hello - how you all doing this fine day? :)
I find myself repeating this every week, but that doesn't make it less true
- so once again it's Sunday, which means it's also time for the weekly summary of my life this past week :)
This week I've been avoiding taking strolls in town,
because it's that time a year, where Roskilde Festival is held
- and that means the town is crawling with happy, sunburned, kinda drunk festival guests.
In the good old days, I used to attend Roskilde Festival myself,
but with my sobriety and all, I've chosen not to go anymore.
But it still puts me in such a great mood to see all of the happy people in wellies,
strolling around town with their shades on and a beer in hand :)
Anyway, it is not, however, a great time to live in Roskilde if you aren't attending the festival yourself.
So I've stayed in doors, trying to avoid the overfilled streets and just enjoyed myself.
Monday night, after a hard workout, I spend the night in the company of the Von Trapp family :)
Yes, once again I watched Sound of Music - for what must've been the billionth time :)
I sliced up some yummy fruit, and just enjoyed life and having vacation :)

Tuesday, however, I went to the southern part of Denmark to visit my parents for a couple of days.
My mum had asked me to come visit and help her clean their gigantic house -
luckily I love love love cleaning, so it was almost like a present to get to clean every inch of their house :)

Wednesday evening, after firing up the grill and having a great time,
we took the car for a spin and drove to Marienlyst beach,
where we bought ourselves great, big, old fashioned ice-creams and went for a stroll by the ocean.
I haven't been to that particular beach since I lived at home, so safe to say it's been quite a few years :)
Funnily enough, I ran into one of my old co-workers and major crushes at the ice-cream stand.
Even though there's no feelings left, I still got so flustered seeing him,
that I immediately turned around and walked away - and, of course, tripped a bit over my shoelace :) :) :)
I don't know if he noticed or even if he recognized me, but I actually think it's a pretty fun story
- now that it's over, that is - and just thought I'd tell you.
Ah, it doesn't matter of you're 16 or 60 - old crushes can still catch you off guard, haha :)

Friday, it was once again time to go home.
My dad drove me and my mum to my place, and when he drove off to work,
my mum and I unpacked my luggage, and then went out to do some grocery shopping.
It was pouring down, but we managed to get to the shops all right. I did my shopping as usual
- milk, bread, fruit and what have you - but then as I was about to pay,
my mum sweeped in front of me and payed - ah, she's just the greatest mum ever :)
So now I have a fully stocked fridge all thanks to mum :)
After we got home and had unpacked all of the groceries, we sat down and enjoyed
a delicious breakfast and each others company.
Then we just chatted a bit, while drinking coffee and watching some episodes of Friends.
My mum left at around 2 PM - she were going to Copenhagen to meet my dad,
and together they drove up to the house in Sweden. I'm going up there in a week or two :)
Another thing I did Friday, was piercing my nose.
I did it myself, and I know some of you are thinking that that was a stupid idea.
But don't threat; I worked at a piercing shop when I was a teenager,
and I do own all of the necessary equipment for doing piercings.
I actually did have my nose, lip and ears pierced when I was a teenager
- it was a very rebellious time for me, haha ;)
But I took the last one out a little over a year ago.
But lately I've kinda missed having a subtle piercing, that still ads this kinda cool vibe.
So I found all of my piercing tools, and pierced my nose again.
I can't wait for you to see it - I love it, and if and when I get tired of it,
well, it's just a matter of taking it out again :)

Otherwise it's been a quiet weekend. Yesterday I helped my grandma assemble a wardrobe
- you know, I'm actually quiet handy, haha :)
And then I've started watching all the Harry Potter movies again. I watch a couple of movies a night,
and it's so funny, I know most of them by heart, haha.
I've actually caught myself saying the lines before the actors does :)
Well, I guess that's what 10 years of Potter does to you ;)

So that's my week in writing.
It's been a great week, and I so so so enjoy a little vacation.
Next week I have some plans with friends, but otherwise I'm just gonna relax,
drink a lot of coffee and watch even more Potter movies :)
Hope y'all had a wonderful week as well :)

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