Friday, July 27, 2012

Have A Drink On Me

I promised you I would try to write an outfit post for you today, and so here it is. Everything is ready for the party I'm having for some friends tonight. I'm all done up (as you can see) and ready for some fun. Actually I didn't plan on being so fancy for tonight, but I got a bit carried away, and well, this is the end result. Not bad, haha ;) I love dressing up and spend hours on make up and hair, but I seldom get to do it like this. Okay, I know it's not that spectacular, but I still feel pretty fine, haha. Now all there is to do is wait for the guests to arrive, and then we're gonna have some fun.

Oh, in case you're wondering: The dress is from the gorgeous "Swan by Clements Riberio" line done for Evans. Now here's some people who knows how to dress the ladies. I got it in the sales (and two other from the same line) and I'm so so so in love with it.

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