Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Summary

This week has been great, and I've had the perfect amount of free time combined with a couple of things to do during the week. Monday I journeyed home from Sweden. Before I took the train, I got a little shopping done. I just managed to catch the train however, but the haste and stress were all worth it, because I got some nice clothes ;) The ride home to Denmark is a long trip that takes about 4 hours - all of them spent in a train or in a bus.
It had been kinda cold and raining all of last week in Sweden, but Monday it was very hot and summery, so the long train ride was not the most comfortable. But it was doable, because I had a good audiobook in my ears, and a couple of cold sodas in my bag.

Tuesday I had an appointment, which I thought I should look a little nice for. So I decided to wear my new navy striped shirt, that I had gotten in Växjö the day before. I had so much fun taking photos for this outfit post, and I think it's because I got a camera stand a couple of weeks back.
It's so much easier to get most of the pictures the way I like it, and it gives me the opportunity to venture out in the world and take more exiting outfit pictures. I know I haven't done it yet, but look out - maybe next time I'm doing an outfit post, the background in the pictures will be a pretty lake and some trees ;)

Wednesday I met up with Marie in town. It was super hot that day, and I'm not all that great with heat. So even though I had planned an outfit post for you, I ended up in a simple top and some highwasted black jeans. Not all that exiting, haha. Anyway, I did, however, manage to take some photos while Marie and I drank coffee outside at our favorite street café. I've talked a lot about Marie, so here's your chance to see how she looks like ;)

Friday I had my annual summer party. Sounds like a big thing, which it really isn't. It is, however, super fun. I had invited the gang over - unfortunately Simon and Kasper couldn't come, so the party was rather on the small side... smaller side. BUT it was soooo much fun. Marie and Maria came at around 5 o' clock, and together we took a couple of beers (coffee for me of course) and went down to one of the sunny terraces near my building. There we sat for many hours, just having fun and girl talks, and then a little later, the guys arrived. After more beer and sunshine, high spirits were rising, and we all played a fun game of petanque. I don't remember who won, but we had a lot of fun. At around 10 o' clock we ventured up to my apartment, where the party continued with Guitar Hero, Buzz, beers and Jägermeister (and water for me, haha.) We all had a lot of fun, and even though we were few, it was just the perfect evening. It's kind weird that all of us are not going to have classes together next year, but I'm gonna continue having parties and hopefully that way we get to see each other some more :)

And yesterday was the day after the party. Funny coincidence, but yesterday I had my 16 months anniversary for staying sober. I didn't do much though. I cleaned up after the party, and then just had a nice time not having a hangover, haha. It's kinda crazy that 16 months already has passed since I decided to stop drinking. I never thought my life could be this fantastic, and further more, that the need for a drink would vanish completely.
Don't get me wrong, it was a bitch quitting, and I spent several months just feeling awful and sick, but now when I look back it was all so worth it :)

So that was my week in writing.
It's has been a great one, filled with laughter and good friends.
This is what summer vacation is all about!

Heres a picture of me and Marie from Friday's party :)

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