Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yum-Yum Post: Tomato Salad With Purple Onion and Feta Cheese

Evenin' hearts of mine :)
I thought I'd show you how to make one of my favorite summer dishes
- Tomato salad with purple onion and feta cheese.
I've grown up with this summer salad, and when I moved out of my parents house,
I kept the tradition going every summer, and made it for myself.
It's not expensive or hard to make at all - all you need is this:

5 or 6 tomatoes
1 purple onion
A small block of feta cheese
Olive oil and cold water
Salt and pepper

Okay, let's do this!

  • Take as many tomatoes as you want and cut them into slices

  • After you've cut the tomatoes in slices, put them on a plate or in a serving dish

  • Next, take your small block of feta cheese and cut it into small cubes

  •  But the feta cheese cubes on top of the tomatoes 

  • Next you're gonna slice the purple onion - you can cut them into rings or like I've done 

  • After you've sliced the onion into small bits or rings, put them on top of the tomatoes and feta cheese  - I loooooooove both feta and purple onions, so I use a lot of both :)

  • Next, you're gonna mix a little bit of oil with some ice cold water, and then ad salt and pepper. Put the lit on the mixer, and shake for 30 seconds

  • And finally you have your nice summer meal - 1,2,3 easy as pie :)

Happy eating!

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