Thursday, May 30, 2013

Home at home

Hej hej Thursday!
About 2 weeks ago, I got this new piece of furniture from IKEA.
I love love love IKEA; there's always something new you want, something new to find and something new to get inspired by.
Back in November I got a shelving unit just like the one above, and I've been loving it so much, that I wanted to get another one for the other wall in my flat. It really wasn't expensive - actually the thing that cost the most was the wheels.

Well anyway, I got this new shelving unit 2 weeks ago, right before I was going to Sweden. So I assembled it the day before I was going on holiday, and just never got around to showing it to you.
Well, here it is! It's so lovely and practical, and I love the way I've "styled it" - I can't get enough of plants, and I really like that there's room for so many - and yet, it doesn't look crowded.

Oh, and the cactus is new, by the way. I've always wanted a cactus, and last Sunday I found this one for cheap money. Although it was a bitch getting it home on a bike and no room in the baskets, haha...

Have an absolutely lovely day

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