Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Summary

Already Sunday? Again? Weren't we just here a mere couple of hours ago? Well, of course we weren't, but lately, the weeks just seem to go by in a blur. Not that that's a bad thing - if anything, it's the best. Although it makes it harder to write the Sunday Summaries, since I find it hard to remember every day this past week.
However, I do remember a little of Monday. Schoolwise, this past week hasn't been so great. I've been cutting classes all week, which I really do feel bad about. Especially since we're so close to exams. But then again, there's not much to do about it now, so it is what it is. But it is stupid!
Anyway, this week started out kinda slow and uneventful, but by the end it got way better! 

Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, and after that I stayed home and watched back-to-back episodes of Desperate Housewives. Then I pulled my own version of Bree Van de Kamp and made my own home made marinated feta cheese. It is the easiest thing in the world - and let me tell you, it's delicious!

Wednesday was busy busy busy. I had morning coffee with Maria, and then after endless cups of coffee we drove off to the school. I had an appointment with the student office to arrange my school schedule for next years classes. Then after 40 minutes of that, Maria and I took a stroll around town, after which we decided to grab a bite to eat and sat down by a street café. After we were done eating, we went back to the school and smoked a couple of ciggys. We actually had an open course about exam anxiety to go to, but before that I had to run by my dentist real quick. That place must run their office based solely on me paying their bills by now! Well, anyway... it only took about 5 minutes, and then I went back to school and met up with Maria and my friend Nadia, who were also attending the course.
It was actually Maria who signed me up for the meeting; I don't really have that much exam anxiety - don't get me wrong, I do get nervous, but not to the point of fainting or anything. But when Maria told me about the course, I'd asked her if she could sign me up. I figured it might be a good idea, regardless of how I feel about exams. It took about 2 hours and I didn't really get much out of it, but luckily Maria, Nadia and the others did. And I did get a lot of tricks if it gets too bad before an exam.
Then after we were done, Maria and I went outside where we met up with some of the guys from the old gang. We shared a few laughs and cigarettes, and then when it was time for the guys and Maria to go to math, I went home - and enjoyed what was left of the day.

Friday was the absolute best day this week. I had a party for the old gang, and for once, everybody came! Maria came by first, and we stayed in smoking cigarettes and colouring her hair, and then before long Kasper came by. We went outside in the sun, and then all at once, the rest of the gang arrived.
We had such fun; playing pétanque, smoking cigarettes, eating Thai food and drinking beer (as always water for me). Then when the guys started to freeze, we went upstairs to my flat where the party continued.
It was such a fun night, but boy was I tired the next day...

... So Saturday I slept to 11, and then hung out for a couple of hours; smoking endless ciggys and drinking coffee. When I finally got over my "hangover" at around 3, I just got so energized that I started to do some of the Spring cleaning and rearranging some furniture - not much, just some small things. However, it ook 6 hours, and when I was done it was around 11 PM.

And here we are again; Sunday. I came to bed late last night, but I actually got up at around 8 today. I've just done some grocery shopping, and now I'm enjoying a strong cuppa coffee and a sexy episode of True Blood.

Happy Sunday y'all


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