Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Home made black pepper ginger tea

It's getting so hot here in Denmark. It's like we've had this cruel Winter, about 4 days of Spring and now we're in the middle of Summer! It's so hot these days, that going for a run in the late afternoon leaves you covered in sweat when you get home. But still, it's manageable - for now at least!
Anyway, even if it's hot out, there's nothing like the feeling when the sun has gone down and it gets a little chilly. No matter what time of year it is, I can't go to bed without a cuppa tea, but I refuse to buy anything else but the organic brands like Yogi and Celestial. My favorite tea of all time is Yogi's "Ginger", and then it occurred to me - why not make it myself? So that's what I did!

Today I'll show you how to make your own Black Pepper Ginger Tea - there's nothing like it; when you've made it yourself and actually know what's in it.

Here's what you'll need:
Some whole black pepper corns
One or two big ginger roots
And some loose tea-filters - you can get them in any grocery store, they're very cheap and you get lots!

And here's what you do:
Grade the ginger roots and place them on a big plate or what have you.
Let the dry off for a day or two, so that they are completely dry and crisp. It's important that when you place the graded ginger roots to dry, they don't "clump together"...

... After a day or two, the graded ginger roots should look like this. But make sure that they are completely dry before you go on and make the actual tea.

When you're sure the roots are dry, then you can start the fun process of making the actual tea.
Now, take the filters and fill them with the dry ginger and 4 or 6 whole black peppers corns - depending on how strong you want the tea. Remember that ginger already has a kind of peppery taste, so you might not want to put so much pepper in the tea bags.
When the tea bags are filled, cut off the long end, tie a string around it and make some cute tea-tags.

And now you're ready to drink a delicious cuppa home made Black Pepper Ginger Tea
- enjoy!

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