Thursday, May 16, 2013

Table for two

Hello Thursday! Table for two, anyone?
Yesterday I told you a little about the lovely picture I found accidentally down by the flat dumpsters - you can actually spot it in the background to the left in the pictures above - or can see "the full version" here.

Anyway, yesterday I told you a little about my weekend, and that I spend most of it cleaning up the flat. After a couple of hours - or four - of that, I decided to do a little re-arranging of some of my furniture.
I have a studio flat, so it's all about being creative with the space I've got. And I've had my furniture the same way for about a year now - which actually isn't like me at all. When I was a wee little teen, I used to re-arrange and re-decorate my room almost every week... drove my parents crazy.
Well anyway, for a long time now, I've been using this table just for dining with friends - not for myself; I'm a bit ashamed of admitting this, but most nights I eat my dinner either standing up in the kitchen or sitting on the couch... hmm, must change that!

And actually I'm planning on it, because now that I've placed my dining table here, I have a great view from my windows - and to the TV, haha. When I'm not eating, I place my computer on the table and use it as a work desk - actually, I'm sitting at the table, blogging, right now!

But enough blogging for today; now I will assemble a new piece of furniture from IKEA - but I'm afraid you won't get to see it until next week, cause tomorrow I'm going to Sweden to stay at the country house for a few days.
See you on the other side of the boarder!

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