Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Summary

Hello rainy Sunday!
Well, this week has truly been very uneventful, I must say!
After school ended and the time for exams have started, seems like all I do is read up on my classes and not that much else.
Monday I spent most of the day in the car. Me, my mum and dad were going home after a couple of relaxing days in the Swedish country house. When we finally came to Roskilde and my parents dropped me off, I was so tired from the blazing heat that unpacking seemed almost impossible. Although I did manage in the end.

And now here's the tricky part:
This past week, most days have been looking a lot like each other. So much so, that I've been thrown out of my weekly routines, and sometimes I don't even know what day it is! But most days this past week, I've gotten up, eaten breakfast and then studied for many, many, many hours.
I hate this time of year; everything and everyone is so stressed out over the exams - and I only have two this year! I feel so bad for so many of my graduating friends; most of them have 8 exams... that's just crazy!

Anyway, I do remember Friday. I got up and ate breakfast, took a shower and put on my makeup. And then just as I was about to sit down and open the books, my mum called. She'd been at work, so she asked me if she could drop by for a couple of hours to say hello and wait for my dad, so she could hitch a ride with him.
I gladly invited her to come by - gave me an excuse to postpone the book reading and note taking. We had coffee and just chatted and had a nice time, and then at around 5 my dad dropped by and picked my mum up.
After they left, I decided to push the reading to Saturday, and just have Friday off. So I went out to my tiny bathroom, laid some old newspapers and started re-potting my plants. So messy, but the end result was really great

So Saturday, before I started reading, I decided to "share my wisdom" and wrote a post on plants, how to take care of them, and how to re-pot them - you should have a look if you're not certain how to take care of your plants.

And already Sunday again. It's raining today, so I've lit a bunch of candles and turned on all of my small and cozy lamps, and now I'm ready to get down to business - as always I have my trusted pack of ciggys and a fresh pot of coffee on the table... and a small tray of chocolate biscuits ;)
Let's do this!

Happy Sunday
- remember to dance in the rain today

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