Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Summary

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been wondering about how time works and how quickly it flies away. Not to get all philosophical or anything, but over the last couple of Sundays, when I sit down with my cuppa coffee on the table and a lit cigarette in the ashtray, I always feel a bit... well actually, I don't quite know how I feel. But every Sunday it occurs to me how fast time goes by...
... like this week! This week has just passed in a blur. It's not even that I've had an "adventure" every day; just normal, everyday stuff. Like cups of coffee, mentholated cigarettes, friends, school, homework, late-night dinners and so on. But then again; they all make a life. And I'm pretty happy about mine at the moment! :)

Monday we had the day off from school. As a rule at my school, you can only completely graduate if and when you write a final paper in your last year. Next year, around this time, I'll be bitching and moaning, cause by then it's my time to write that paper. But not this year - phew! But still, a lot of people from my Psychology class are graduating this year, so they're in the process of writing that paper. So our teacher decided to give all of us Monday off, so I stayed home and had a nice and relaxing day. I enjoyed the sexy men of Bon Temps (aka True Blood) and did a little cleaning too.

Tuesday was pretty much the same as Monday. Not a whole lot happened; I decided to spend the day doing my laundry - and there was a lot! I'm actually not at all bad a doing the laundry, but this time it just kinda snuck up on me. Luckily I had my headphones with a "Shopaholic" novel in my ears, so it wasn't bad at all.
Oh and by the way, Tuesday was also the day I posted a post about how you make your own Black Pepper Ginger Tea - it's absolutely delicious; if you haven't checked out the post yet, you really should!

Wednesday I got up and got ready for Maria, who, as always, came by for morning coffee. We had a half an hour extra, since she'd managed to leave home early. It's always so lovely to know that Maria's coming by on Wednesdays, although next year, that might not be the case. As far as we can figure, her school schedule and mine don't exactly match. But well, we'll see...
Well, after Maria left I sat down and read some German homework, because 2 hours later - at 1 - I had a German class meeting at school. It was not obligatory, and actually I almost didn't go, but then kinda last minute I decided that it was better than just hanging around at my flat, not doing much. So I went, and at school I met up with my friend Julie, and then class started. We were only 4 who attended, but it was still cool. I'm not so nervous about the exams - yet! I do feel I have quite a good grasp of reality when it comes to the final grade. I don't expect an A+ - or even an A or a B, but I don't expect to fail either. But let's get to that when we get to that!
Anyway, after German class, I said goodbye to Julie and met up with Maria and Preben, who also were at the school. We smoked a few ciggys, talked about everything and nothing, and then it was time for all of us to get on with the day; both Maria and Preben had to pick up each of their daughters at daycare, and so I went out to do a little window shopping.

Thursday, my sister and her boyfriend brought their daughter to my grandmum. Selma, my niece, was supposed to sleep over at my grandmum's, and so I came by to say hello and see my sister, her boyfriend and Selma. Now it's no secret that I'm not great with kids, nor do I actually like them. But finally Selma's gotten to that age where she's so funny, so it's an absolute joy to just sit on the floor and watch children's TV with her, or going down to the lake to feed the ducks - which we did after my sister and her boyfriend left. It was so funny to see that little kid feeding the ducks, and wanting to be carried when the ducks came to close. And as a bonus, I found out that I might be more maternal that I originally thought ;)

Friday morning was a bitch, but I managed to get to school in time for class. It's very obvious that we're getting very close to the end of this year - we didn't do much in class other than just talk a bit about exam anxiety and so on. I was pretty bored, but the thought of this school year ending tomorrow makes it manageable to tolerate, haha. And also, to pass the time in class, I took out my iPad Mini and browsed the shops a bit - and ended up buying a lovely dress... woops!
After school I stopped by a shop to buy some nice yellow roses, and then I went down to Roskilde Library, where I met up with the guys from the old gang - and Maria. They have a math class together, so they'd met up to get a report done - or something like that, I'm actually not quite sure ;) Anyway, I stayed for a ciggy and a chat, and then I drove on home.
In the evening I had a loooong phone conversation with Kasper. You won't believe this, but yesterday he actually took a plane to Peru, where he's gonna work as a volunteer in the Peruvian jungle - for two months! That's just so crazy, but also just so great for him! I can't believe he ain't gonna pick up the phone, or log on to Skype or even drop by for a cuppa tea for the next 8 weeks. But I'm very happy for him - and I also really envy him, haha ;)

Saturday was pretty quiet. I did some re-arranging of some of my furniture, watched a movie and cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom. Luckily I love cleaning; it's kinda like my hobby (haha). And I did have the "Shopaholic Ties The Knot" audiobook on in the background, so I actually enjoyed myself rather much. Oh and by the way, you should check out the last couple of posts before this one; yesterday I brought you 3 discount code posts; one for Asos, one for Ellos and the monthly one I do with discount codes for H&M.

And then finally today. I don't actually have any plans for today other than homework for tomorrow. I think I'll go for a run in a minute or two, and then just see where the day takes me.

You all have a lovely Sunday, and enjoy the sun (if you have it)

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