Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tiny Teeny Kitchen, Teeny Tiny Changes

Lookie look what I did today!
For the past couple of weeks I've had this incredibly huge urge to buy new things and change my apartment.
Before, my shopping passion was clothes, but now it seems I have moved on to buying stuff for my home. Just earlier today,
I spend a little more than I ought to at ModCloth, where I bought a cool retro looking metal pin-board, an iron squirrel door stop,
and some Scrabble letter magnets.

But I've done more than just spend money today. I've always had this boring white wall in my tiny kitchen, and for a long time now, I've been wondering what to do about that. So finally today the urge to change it was too strong, so I found some hooks I have in my tool box (yes, I have a tool box filled with loads of useful tools) and drilled some holes in the wall. After some effort I managed to get it done, and now I think it looks rather good with my pots and pan hanging there. The white empty wall is no longer empty, and as a plus plus plus, I now have more space in my cupboards.
Happy Saturday!

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