Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Summary

Yet another rather quiet week for blogging. Although it did pick up a bit towards the end.
You see, I've been very sick with a cold, and haven't been out very much this week. My cold started last weekend, and when I woke Monday, I just felt horrible. So I made a judgment call and decided to stay home from school that day. But I did, however, manage to work out a bit. I used to work out 5 days a week, but for the last 5 or 6 months, I haven't. But now it's time to start again, and I'm proud to say that I've managed to work out every day this week.

Anyway I also stayed home Tuesday. Normally, this time of year I always get a cold, but it's been a long time since it's been this bad. So unfortunately I missed chem that day, but I did a little study of my own.

Which was actually great, cause it came in handy Thursday. I felt okay, so I went to school and had chem. The notes I took Tuesday really came in handy, and I think it was actually the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing in chem. Otherwise Thursday was good. It was nice to see some people again and share some laughs, and even though I did feel a bit worse for wear later in the day, I did manage to get down to the basement and work out.

Friday, however, I didn't feel well at all, so I (once again) stayed home from school. I spend most of the day sleeping under a warm blanket and drinking tea (and coffee of course), but I finally feel loads better now. So I'm definitely going back to school Monday, which will be very nice since it's been quite a while since I've attended Psychology.

Yesterday I felt okay - and very restless. So I decided to do a little something in my kitchen, and so I drilled some holes in my big, white wall and hung some pots and a pan. It looks really, really nice now, and I love the end result.

So that's this week Sunday Summary.
My plans for today is just to relax, do my homework and clean the apartment.
Nothing much, but I still think it'll be nice. So have a great day, everybody

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