Monday, October 29, 2012

Double Black And A Nice Knit

There's just something so nice about the end of October. When finally all of the leaves have turned, and it's getting very cold and rainy outside.
It's nice when you're inside. When you're outside - not so much.
Today it was very cold and raining a lot, so I decided on a warm outfit for the day. I've borrowed the warp from my grandmum, but I was actually the one to give it to her last winter. It's so nice and warm, and today really has been a cold one, so the wrap came in handy in the classroom earlier today.
Otherwise today has been good. After class I bought the cutest cookie jar, which I'm going to show you soon.
But not now. Now I'm going to get my chem on and have a cup of coffee.
Happy Monday! 

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