Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Summary

Hello hello hello to you all. As I'm writing this weeks Sunday Summary, I'm sitting by the window in my room in Sweden. The weather is so lovely today. The sun's pale light is shining down on the grass, which is covered in beautifully coloured leaves from the trees. I've got a hot cup of coffee next to my laptop, and some Amy Winehouse music in the background. All in all it's a pretty nice setting for writing this weeks Sunday Summary. So let's get to it, shall we?
The week started out with some mixed emotions. School went okay, and I felt I looked pretty nice in my new 60s dress - you can find the outfit post here - I certainly got both dirty looks and some compliments. But as I really don't care much about dirty looks and sour grapes, I chose to focus on the nice compliments I got, and I think the dress is a hit. It's actually also perfect for this season, since it's made from knitted fabric. Anyway, enough about the dress. After school I did a bit of shopping for my bathroom - I bought a nice set of candlesticks - and then went home. However, I didn't really get the chance to sit down and relax, cause suddenly that awful call came, and my dad told me that my grandpa was in hospital. I quickly went down by the lake near my house, where I gathered a nice buke of flowers, and then it was straight to the hospital. My granddad looked a bit worse for wear, so I was a bit worried. After a couple of hours visiting, it was time for my granddad to get some rest, so I went home. I spend the evening stressing over homework, cooking dinner and, of course, my granddad. However, I was cheered up a lot by Kasper, whom I Skyped with for a couple of hours in the late evening...

... I only stayed up so late that night, because it turned out that chem was cancelled on Tuesday. Our teacher was sick. Anyway, my mood was loads better that day, and later in the day I once again visited my granddad, who looked and felt loads better. That cheered me up so much. After I got home, I spend the whole evening putting up my new drapes. The work in it self was a bitch, but the end result was fantastic. I'm completely in love with my apartment at the moment, and my love has only grown with the new curtains.

Wednesday is my day off, but I got up early and had morning coffee with Maria. It's been weeks since she's last been for morning coffee, and it was absolutely lovely to spend some hours in her company. The rest of the day went by pretty quickly; I'm not really sure, but I think I watched a whole lotta Friends.

Thursday I woke up in a fantastic mood, which, luckily, lasted all day. Even though Thursday means that I have to get up at around 6 - something I'm not really that good at - this Thursday was different. I woke up happy and giddy and with a smile on my face. That smile only got bigger during the day. We were doing lab experiments that day, so I got to walk around in a lab coat - and let me tell you; I've never felt smarter, haha. The school day in it self went by pretty quickly, and even though I don't really remember much, I do remember laughing - a lot! After school, Kasper and I took a stroll around town (yes, this weeks Sunday Summary picture is not the usual "pretty face close-up" but a picture which Kasper took of me Thursday) and bought a whole lot of unnecessary fattening foods, which we consumed later, when we got back at my place. A couple of hours later, Kasper left, and I was beginning to get pretty tired. But rest is for the wicked, and I had packing to do...

... cause Friday I was going to Sweden with my parents. But first, there was school. It was okay. My shoes were hurting my feet and my bag felt like it weighed a 100 pounds, but I didn't let it get me down! Because as of Friday, we all had one week of Autumn holiday, which I'm spending in the summerhouse in Sweden. So after school I met up with my mum, and together we headed for Copenhagen, where we an hour later met up with dad, and then it was on towards happy times. After a looooong drive, a delicious burger at a 50's diner and the car stereo playing songs from the 60's, we finally arrived late in the evening. After we'd unpacked the car and had gotten all of our things to their right places, I spend many hours in the kitchen with my mum; chatting it up with endless cups of coffee and cigarettes. I went to bed rather late...

... which caused me to sleep for a very long time yesterday. However, the day was not at all a bust, albeit slightly demanding on my abilities in the German language. I spend 8 hours in total working on my next German assignment(s), and I almost got it all done. There's just one last assignment left, but I was waaaay too crossed eyed by the end of the night, so I left that for today.

So I better get to it and get started.
But I think I'll put a Potter movie on, so there's some noise in the background.
Have a lovely Sunday, all of you nice people.

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