Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Summary

Ah, after a long day of driving back home to Denmark, it's time for this week's Sunday Summary.
The week started out in Sweden. I spend the most of the start of the week doing a lot of German homework. That's basically what I did all Monday...

... and Tuesday too. And actually also Wednesday. But I finally managed to get it all done, I'm so happy. That means that I don't have to worry about handing in papers or done assignments until February! Yes, it's so nice.
Wednesday I took a little walk around the house and took some pictures of this nice Fall we've been having lately. You can find the post here.

Thursday and Friday, after I was done with all that bloody German, I helped out around the house and in the garden. Me and my dad managed to chop a lot of wood for the fireplace, which is always nice for when it gets really cold up here. Friday evening my mum and dad had the  neighbours over for dinner and drinks, and I stayed up in my room and enjoyed myself with a nice, big piece of cake and the last instalment of the Harry Potter movies. I had a pretty nice time, but I got to bed waaaay to late, haha.

Yesterday I once again helped out outside, where we managed to get the last couple of things done. Otherwise I just packed my things and got ready for the long journey home...

... which was today. We've been driving most of the day, only to do a quick stop at IKEA. Otherwise I'm finally home, and now I just need to get the "strenght" to unpack my things and do my homework for tomorrow.

Anyway, I know there hasn't been much posting going on this past week, but I hope you'll understand.
You guys have a lovely Sunday - or what's left of it anyway.

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