Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mama Spent Money When She Had None

Hello to you all, and thanks for still checking in. I haven't been the best blogger lately, but I almost feel kind of tapped out of creativity - blogging wise. But you can, as always, count on the Sunday Summaries.
Anyway, this month I've been a little too good using my credit card. That's never a good thing, but then again, the result of it are so many pretty things that now are mine. I thought I'd show you some of the things I've bought this month. So let's get at it, shall we?

 I was real exited to get the parcel containing this awesome leather jacket. I've actually sneaked many peeks at New Look, just to fall even more in love with this jacket. When I finally decided to buy it, it were no longer on the site, but luckily they brought it back a month or so later. I immediately put it in my cart and so the first "few" ponds were spend. 

Along with the jacket, I also ordered this super cute little polka dot wallet. Much like the jacket, I'd sighed over this little beauty for a while, and when I finally ordered the jacket, I threw this in to the cart as well. Luckily this wasn't expensive at all, and I really love it.

A couple of days later, I was looking at my new favourite site; ModCloth.They have suck lovely vintage inspired clothes and accessories, but they also have an amazing home department. That's where I found this keepsake board, that I simply couldn't resist. It's a bit smaller than I'd expected, but it actually looked bigger once I put some stuff on it.

Also at ModCloth, I found these super cool Scrabble fridge magnets. I've been looking for some Scrabble magnets for 10 years, and there they were - just waiting for me. And now here they are - brightening up my otherwise boring fridge.

The last thing I bought at ModCloth was this little - and might I add 'super cute' - squirrel door stand. The price actually surprised me in a good way, cause it wasn't expensive at all.
All the things from ModCloth came in a BIG box on Monday. Not only was it super unhandy to carry on my bike, but also, the parcel had been searched through customs, and I got a huge fee. So even though the things in them selves were at okay prices, the whole thing ended up costing me a whole lotta money. But now that I've gotten over the chock and the things are "up and running", I'm really happy with them and (almost) don't recent myself for my shopping so much this month :)


  1. Hi Natalie,

    You have such a cute blog, I nominated you for the "Liebster Award", please check the link to my blog for more information on the subject:

    - Dionne

    1. Hey Dionne :)
      Thanks for your kind comment, I've just checked out your post, and I'll definitely get on that later today :)

      Thanks again :)
      //Natalie Madeleine

  2. Hej - de der scrabble-magnet, hvor er de købt!? :D

    1. Hej Theresa :)

      Scrabble magneterne er købt hos ModCloth. Du kan finde dem her:

      Tak for din kommentar :)

      //Natalie Madeleine