Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Summary

Ah, once again it's Sunday, which means that once again it's time for yet another Sunday Summary.
This week has certainly not been all about school. Despite a week of vacation in Sweden, I just haven't gotten around to attend school that much this week.
Monday was the first day I didn't go to school. I slept in and thought "Hey, it's okay, it's just today" - the fact that it rhymed just made it more fun, haha.

Anyway, Tuesday I actually did go to school. The day started out with a morning coffee date with Maria, and later we drove to school. We only just managed to get to school in time for class, but in spite of that I had the best day ever. Kasper, Maria and I laughed our way through class that day, and when school ended, Maria and I drove home to my place. We had the whole day together, and so she started her homework and I made coffee, served cookies and smoked cigarettes. Later I made dinner, and she drove home a little past 6.

Wednesday I had the day off, so I stayed in and cleaned the apartment - one of my favourite activities, haha. I just love the way the place sparkles after a good clean. I also managed to blog a little that day. I've been spending a lot of money this month, so I thought I'd show you my purchases - you can find the post here.

Thursday, I had everything ready for school, and then I overslept. Gosh I was so annoyed with myself the rest of the day. So silly.

And then Friday I woke up with a terrible cold, so I stayed home that day too.
So no, there haven't been much school about this week - and it has really affected my attendance. But well, at least now I'm rested haha.

But yes, this was this weeks Sunday Summary.
Now I'm going to do my homework so it's done,
and I can have the rest of the day off to do whatever. Happy Sunday!

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