Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Time Of Layering Has Begun

... which it always do around the start of September, I think. Also in September, I always turn a year older. Which I actually did today.
Yes, today is my 23rd birthday, and it's been a great day. I don't really get that exited over birthdays anymore - something that goes hand in hand with becoming older, I guess. And I haven't really been exited about today either. But when I woke up this morning, I couldn't help of feeling a little special, haha. I made a pot of coffee and opened my birthday cards, and then later Marie and Maria came by. We drank a lot of coffee, smoked a lot of cigarettes and I opened my presents. Maria had made me a bunch of small presents with stuff "I always provide for her when she stops by for coffee" - her words, not mine :) She gave me a gallon of milk, some coffee beans and a pack of ciggys - and a cake! Marie gave me a vegetarian cookbook with all sorts of delicious recipes for vegetarian dishes - I'm definitely trying out those later! Then we drove to Ro's Torv, where we did a little shopping and the grabbed a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant. I only just got home a half hour ago, and now it's time for some R'n'R for the rest of the evening. We were actually supposed to go to Copenhagen and attend a big Rockabilly party at Vega, but we decided to drop that since we're all kind of light on cash at the moment. In stead we did the girls day today, and I simply couldn't have had a better day.

My outfit wasn't that special, but the scarf, shoes and bag and cardigan are new though.

If anyone is interested, the scarf and cardigan is from Lindex, the dress from Asos Curve, the sunglasses from H&M
and the bag and shoes are from New Look.

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