Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soft Saturday: Four Things Right Now

Today I got up early and felt very handy and ready for change. So I found the drill my dad had given me for my birthday a couple of weeks back, some other tools and just started drilling into the wall in my kitchen. I didn't just do it to do something though; yesterday evening when I was bored and cleaned out my kitchen, I found a magnetic "strip" for my knifes, that I just never got around to hang. So that was my purpose today; to make some (small) changes in my kitchen.

Since I had taken down some hooks right above the knife strip, there were some pretty nasty holes in my wall. I had to cover them up somehow, and that was when I found these old postcards I collected when I was a teenager. I framed them and hung them over the holes in the wall, and now I have naked men in my kitchen. At least there's something nice to look at when I'm doing the dishes ;)

Still in the kitchen: I found this old rack of hooks that I've actually had since I was a girl. I remember them hanging on my wall in my room, and somehow they've followed me through my childhood, my teens and now into my twenties. I thought it would be kind of funny to still have them displayed in my house, so I found a place for them on my kitchen wall. They've actually come in handy, as I now have a place to hang my dishrags and oven mitts.

And finally; let's move out of the kitchen. Yesterday after school, I bought these wonderful, cute and comfy slippers. Well, actually I bought two pairs, as I predicted I would wear them constantly when at home. Well, score one for me; since I put them on my feet yesterday, they've only come of twice. I'd say I've struck gold here :)

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