Saturday, September 29, 2012

Red Cups, Purple Glasses & Black Candlesticks

Yesterday I rode my bike to town, where I had some errands to run. Earlier this week I took a stroll around town after classes, and I stumbled upon loads of pretty things for the home. But back then I didn't have enough money. But with it being pay day and all yesterday, I figured I was allowed to buy just a couple of the things I had fallen in love with.

I bought these lovely red coffee cups in my new favorite shop called Korsbæk. I've walk past the shop every day for a long time now, but never actually entered. But when I did, I discovered that it was the shop for me. They have loads of different retro//vintage inspired tings for the home; among them these cute, red cups. These cups weren't as expensive as most of the other things in the shop, and since I already had fallen in love with them some days before, I figured it was okay to treat myself.

Then I went to Tigeren which is right across from Korsbæk, where I bought these cool purple glasses. They were very, very, very cheap, so I decided to buy 6 of them.

And then lastly I went to Kvickly where I had seen a couple of robust candlesticks. They were a tad more expensive than I thought, but I don't regret buying them. I had planned on just paring them with a couple of normal block candles, but then I discovered these cute candles with a nice print on them, and they were on sale, so... yeah :)

So yes, I did spend a little more than I had planned, but they're all great purchases, so I don't regret it at all.

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