Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Very quick candle storage DIY

Hello Wednesday, how wonderful you are!
It's my day off, and luckily I woke up pretty early today. I did all of the chores before noon, so then I found myself kind of bored. That was when I started planning little things I could change around the apartment - nothing much, just move some stuff around and creating a little more space.

Anyway, since we've now really entered late Fall, it's kind of a given - at least to me - that we've also really entered candle season.
I'm the type of gal who spend a lot of money on candles during Fall and Winter. Every year I tell myself to stop lighting so many candles - not because it isn't wonderful and lovely (because it really is), but because I do spend so much money on them. But ah, every year I end up giving in, and every night is just a lovely and oh so "hyggelig" evening!
So I tend to buy candles by the bunch so that I never run out, but since do live in a studio apartment, I don't have much space for them.
That's why it was such an easy, quick and good idea to do this:

It's actually just two old plant pots, some four hour tea candles and two home made flags.
The flags are easy to make; all you need is a glue stick, some paper, a black marker and some grill sticks. Just make a little flag and mark on it the number of hours your candles will burn - it usually says so on the bag. Place the paper around the stick, glue them together and presto! You have a nice way of storing your candles - and as a bonus, it looks adorable!

That's it for today; I still have some projects left, but I'll see you tomorrow.
Have a fantastic Wednesday, remember to smile and be happy 

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