Monday, October 28, 2013

Storm is Coming // Storm is Here

A bit of an unusual post today.
Denmark is a small country, and it's very seldom that we experience extreme weather. We do get heat in the Summer time, and we do get a lot of snow when Winter comes 'round. But we're very lucky; we never really get to experience extreme or even frightening weather.

But today, there's a storm over Denmark. It's actually pretty rough; right now I was supposed to get ready for Monday's English night class, but I ruled that out when I - about five minutes ago - saw tons of bricks and parts of the roof fall down right in front of my window. So yes, tonight I'm definitely staying home.

Lights are flickering right now, but luckily I've lit tons of candles and my MacBook is fully charged. They say on the telly that it's the worst storm since the '90s - and I do remember that one - and advise people to stay indoors. I'm not scared though - if anything I'm just a little exited. But I do think it's a good idea to stay home and keep an eye out on the apartment.

For any of you Danish readers out there - stay home and take care of yourselves.
For all of you other lovely readers - have a lovely evening and don't forget to be happy and smile 

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