Friday, October 4, 2013

Danish minimalism

It's Friday - how absolutely wonderful! I've had the best day; school and then coffee with some girlfriends. Then I bought the most amazing coat for this cold Fall weather we've been having lately. Now I'm home, I'm sitting in my favourite spot on the couch with a cuppa cappuccino and I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with my girlfriend Maria, for brunch and cigarette conversations - it's going to be the best weekend ever. But back to today:
I've been bringing you a lot of Swedish homes lately, but today it's time for a Danish one. Danes are known for minimalism and their fondness for the colour black. I'll testify for the colour black, but I've never been one for the whole "minimalism concept" - however, I can't deny that this lovely home is beautiful.
Have the best day ever, my dear Internet friends!

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