Tuesday, October 29, 2013

H Y G G E . . .

... is a Danish word that just cannot be translated into English.
Some synonym sentencens for "hygge" might just be: Relaxing with a cuppa tea - or coffee - and candles//sitting by the fire reading a good book//cuddling on the couch with a blanket and a good show on TV//or//enjoying an evening inside, while it's rainy and stormy outside.
Yes, that and so much more is "hygge" - at least to me.

I accomplish to "hygge" a little almost every day, but today was really something special.
My oldest girlfriend - from way back when I was a little tweeny girl - Sofie, came by today. She goes to Roskilde University, so she was close by. For ages now, we've been saying that we had to find a date for coffee and a chat, but we're both so busy busy busy. Luckily though, we'd planned to see each other today, and so she came by at around noon. Ah, it was so lovely to see her again; we haven't seen each other in two years, so it was just absolutely fantastic to just sit down with endless cups of coffee and chocolate chip cookies and reminisce about our "younger days" haha. We've been through so much together when we were younger, so it was really nice just to sit and go through all of our great memories from our teens.  
She just left an hour ago, and I've been cleaning up a bit, but other than that it has been the best day! Luckily she only lives about an hour away, so we'll have to see each other some more.

Here's some pictures of my personal "hygge"; it's been such a great day, and now I think I'll have a cuppa cappuccino and a left-over cookie.
Have the best day ever, all of my dear Internet friends - remember: every day can be the best day ever, if just you remember to smile and laugh a little 

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