Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Something white to match the snow

Well, almost! We don't have any here in Denmark - I've just watched the news and weather forecast, and according to the weather man, we may be lucky and get some snow a couple of days before Christmas Eve. Ah well, I really am dreaming of a white Christmas; last year we had loads before we even hit December 5, and this year it's just rainy, foggy and grey. Jack Frost, where have you gone to?

Anyway, this gorgeous Swedish apartment is just what the doctor ordered. As you know, I am very fond of Swedish homes, and this one is no exception. And oh, of course a fireplace right in the corner of the living room. Oh Lord, why was I not born in Sweden? Oh well, I'll just crank up my old radiator and cozy up with a cuppa tea.

Have a lovely evening and don't forget to smile... there's always something to smile about 

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