Thursday, December 26, 2013

A look at Danish Christmas traditions + My own family traditions

So that was Christmas, and what a wonderful day it was.
But even though Christmas Eve is over, there are still many days left to gather and celebrate this holiday season.
Lately I've noticed that a lot of my readers come from the States, and since I'm always interested in how things work around the world, I thought it might be fun for other people to hear how I celebrate Christmas - actually, how most Danes spend their Christmas.

In Denmark, we have a tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve on the 24th of December, where most of us gather with friends and family to eat delicious ham, duck or goose, open presents and have a gay old time.
But it's not over just yet; there's also a tradition of celebrating the next couple of days after Christmas Eve. The 26th and 27th - or 1. juledag and 2. juledag, as we call it - we gather with friends or family, where we eat well and enjoy ourselves.

So this is where I'm going:
Even though Christmas is over (for some people anyway) there are still loads of reasons to get together and have fun. If you're having people over, then why not be a little creative and set a beautiful and creative table for your guests?
In my family, my mother has always spent half a day setting - and decorating - the holiday table. I have countless pictures of beautiful tables she's set, and it seems that she's topping herself year after year.
So let's face it; Christmas dinner - or any other dinner - is not just the dinner in it self, but a well decorated table can make a big difference. I'm sure everybody's having a cozy time either way, but why not do a little something special this year? Here's some colorful inspiration from IKEA's Livet Hemma blog - this theme is fun and happy, but there are loads of ways to go. However, you can always count on IKEA providing flawless and yet cheap inspiration to a different way of setting the table.

Have a wonderful December day - and please try to remember to smile 

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