Sunday, December 8, 2013

Life Lately.

Oh, what an absolutely wonderful day I had yesterday!
I saw Maria for the first time in months! She's been a little under the weather lately, but luckily she's bounced right back, and then finally yesterday we both had a day free, and of course we had to see each other. Boy oh boy how wonderful it was; we jibber jabbered a lot, ate a lot, drank tea and coffee a lot - and well, just had an absolute cozy and happy  Christmas time together.
As I followed her back to her car, it actually started snowing! Well, only for about 30 seconds, but still..! I am sososo wishing for snow this Christmas, so I did a little happy dance right there in the parking lot. If snow really comes to town, then I'll be the merriest girl in all the land!
Later, after washing what seemed like a thousand dishes - as said before, we ate a lot - I sat down with a big cuppa cinnamon tea, a little Christmas snack, candles and a Christmas movie.
What a wonderful day it was...

Today I'm enjoying this second Sunday of Advent inside. There was a little bit of snow outside this morning when I woke up, but unfortunately, the cruel Danish Winter rain has washed it all away. No matter, I'm still having a gay old time inside in the warm apartment. I got up early, enjoyed endless cups of coffee and a few ciggys, and right now I'm just returning to the living room after spending an hour in the kitchen Christmas baking. Honestly, is there anything like Christmas and the smell of sugar cookies in the oven? I think not 

Have the happiest and most jolly December Sunday
- be safe, be happy and smile 

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