Monday, December 16, 2013

A lovely evening in Apartment 107

Hello and goodevening to you all.
Well, I've have had a very productive day today. Despite going to bed way too late and getting up at noon today, I've managed to get a lot of things done - which is always lovely.

I'm on my Christmas break right now, and already I'm feeling a bit restless. So today, after getting up and having several cups of coffee, I decided not to waste the day away and started to clean the whole apartment. Yes, I've been in every corner, nook and cranny and the place is just spotless now - and that is just oh so lovely!
Then I wrapped some Christmas presents for my folks whilst listening to old crooners singing Christmas tunes, and then, still feeling restless, I started painting some wooden bookcases black, so that they match the rest of the place.

And then suddenly, day turned into evening, and I'm finally kickin' back with a big cuppa tea
- in my new cup I got from IKEA a couple of days ago (and by the way, the striped knitted blanket is also an IKEA purchase) -
and back-to-back episodes of Sex & The City.
My couch corner really is the place where I spend most of my time when I'm home. It's oh so cozy, and with the subtle light from the chain of lights and candles, it's next to impossible not to feel happy and relaxed.

But well yes, that's it from me tonight.
I hope all of you have had a nice Monday, and that you're feeling just as happy and relaxed as me.
Have the happiest of December evenings 

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