Friday, January 3, 2014

Vintage Vibe

Hello lovelies!
Wow, we're already 3 days into January, and for me these last couple of weeks have been a little hectic and stressful.
But luckily it seems things are - slowly - beginning to turn for me, and so therefore I also have some time for the blog again.

Today I wanted to show you yet another cool and very well styled Swedish apartment.
It seems they're a dime a dozen, but for every Swedish home I see, I can't help of longing to live in a stylish, white and oh-so-pretty apartment in Stockholm or Kalmar and so on. Oh, a girl can dream, right?

Have a wonderful Friday - remember that now it's finally weekend (TGIF, right?)
and there are lots of reasons to smile beg´cause of that. So go out and throw everybody a big old smile - it'll drive them crazy 

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