Sunday, January 12, 2014

Apartment 107 - My workspace

Hallih Halluh on a chilly January evening.

Tomorrow I have school all day, and since my night classes end at 10 PM,
I figure I won't have the time to post. So instead, I thought I'd post some pictures from my own home tonight.
It's hard to find places for every important home section in a one-bedroom apartment, but I think I make it work.
My workspace is a good example of that:

For a long time, I used this table as a dining table - which it is - but a few months back,
I decided I needed a workspace more. I eat in front of the telly anyway - ah, single life, haha.
Anyways, It's the perfect little spot for concentrating on homework or blog posts, plus it fits perfectly in that little nook.

I hope all of you are having fun gearing up for a new week.
Stay warm and keep on smiling 

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