Friday, January 10, 2014

Life Lately. on a happy Friday

Hello friends and hello Friday!
Ah, I simply love Friday. Best day of the week in my opinion; when you wake up you know that weekend is just a few hours away, and as a plus you know you can sleep a little longer the day after. So what am I doing on such a fine Friday? Well, I'll tell you:

Friday is the one day a week where I have to get up at 6.
Usually my classes are scheduled a little late, which gives me the opportunity to sleep until 8 or 9. But on Fridays I have morning classes, although I actually don't mind, because that way I already finish school at around 12 - I have it pretty easy, yes I know, haha.

Anyways, the alarm didn't rudely wake me up this morning, so I unfortunately I got up too late for first period.
But no matter, I got there in the end - "only" 50 minutes too late, haha.
None the less, school was - as always - nice. Classes are great, and my classmates are super duper. We spend our breaks having a quick ciggy before going back to class, and whilst inhaling that wonderful deadly poison, we usually have a lot of laughs and great small-talk conversations.
Well, not much more to tell about school; as said before I get off pretty early in the day, so after a quick visit to the super market, I rode my bike home - in the friggin' rain, which has been pouring down over the last couple of days. No matter, nothing can kill my good Friday spirits!

After I got home, I turned on the coffee maker, unpacked my school things and then just relaxed for a while. I had some stale bread in the fridge, and in stead of just throwing it out (I mean, why would I?) I decided on following the old saying "waste not, want not" and took a little stroll down to the lake and fed the ducks.
After I got home again about an hour ago, I wanted to do a little something nice and homey, so I decided to bake a cake. It's almost done now, and oh how lovely the place smells now!

Anyway, now I'm having a little cuppa tea, soon a piece of cake, and otherwise just a very hyggelig time.
You all have the best Friday ever now
- remember: do something fun, have a little Friday adventure and whatever you do, put on the biggest smile while doing it 


  1. I love your interior design posts. I just moved into a small place and I too am looking for design ideas although I think I'm pretty much decided on how my place is going :)

    1. Hi Rose

      Thanks a bunch; I have a feeling that those posts on my own home are the ones people like the most, but you can never be too sure. Thats why I am so happy that you commented - thanks again :)
      Congrats on your new flat! Great to hear that you are pretty sure on how to decorate, I hope everything works out. In just a moment I will post yet another post from my own home, which I hope you can get inspired by.

      Have a lovely evening and thanks again for your comment.