Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snippets from Apartment 107

Ah, it's a soft Saturday today.
I had a long, but great day yesterday. First morning classes at school, and then later a little shopping at Ro's Torv, Roskilde's Mall. Then I met up with Kasper, we grabbed a bite to eat and then we saw Hunger Games - Catching Fire.
I'm a huge Hunger Nerd, and I've really been looking forward to the next installment of the franchise. Having read all of the books many times, I was exited to see how they'd adapted the second book to a movie. But boy oh boy, it was great! Still, it can't beat the first movie, but it was absolutely fantastic and overwhelming.
Then after the movie, Kasper and I walked the short way back to my place, where we enjoyed cups of tea, sweet clementines and a lot of movie talk. Ah, it was such a great day yesterday!

Today I'm super tired, but super happy. I'm having a cozy time right now, sitting in my favorite spot on the couch, reading my new home interior magazine and having a cuppa chai latte with cinnamon while candles are burning.
What a happy and soft Saturday it is 

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