Saturday, November 16, 2013

Small Space Inspiration #2

Hello, happy weekend people!
It's Saturday - woohoo! And what a lovely day it has been. Yesterday I was out having a cuppa coffee with my mum, which was a nice way of breaking in the weekend. Today I've been happy at home, doing some of the stuff that needs to be done. So after giving the bathroom a thorough cleaning and doing a gigantic pile of laundry, I'm now kicking' back with a big cuppa tea and a movie.

Well anyway, now for today's post:
I cruise the web for interior blogs almost every day, and every time I come across a small apartment I get a smile on my face. Often blogs, magazines and TV programs on interior decoration only give you tips on how to arrange a place with lots of space. But the fact is, that most people don't have a gigantic house or a ten bedroom apartment.
I myself live in a studio apartment, and every day I thank myself for how I - over a many years - have managed to style the place so that I have room for all of my stuff, but still lots of floor to walk on... although my mum don't quite agree with that, haha.
Anyway, this beautiful Scandinavian apartment is small, and serves both as a living room and bedroom. I like the soft purple colors and the small details, and I would just kill for a kitchen like that!

Have a beautiful and happy Saturday 

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