Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Inspiration for setting a beautiful table (and a little Life Lately.)

Hello on such a cold, dark and rainy Tuesday!
I hope you're keeping your spirits up despite of the weather, and that you all have had a great day.
I was Skyping with Kasper all of last night, so I got up way too late today. However, I still managed to give my vote in the Danish "Kommunevalg 2013" and, as a funny side note, I've also gotten my very first pair of glasses today. I'm supposed to wear them all the time now, so I'm a little exited to hear what my friends and family have to say about them.

Well anyway:
These pictures comes from the Swedish blog IKEA is hosting, called "Livet Hemma." I love to have a look at this site from time to time; I always get so inspired. Just like I did with these pictures.
Don't you just want to invite all of your friends over, set a table as beautiful as this and then just have the best night ever?
See you, remember to smile 

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