Sunday, November 17, 2013

Screensavers for Mac and Windows

A couple of weeks back I got my very first MacBook - a spankin' new MacBook Air, to be precise.
It's the best gift I've ever gotten; I've always had Windows computers, and while they are slightly easier to work from the get-go - compared to a Mac, in my opinion - they do tend to run out of gas fairly quickly.
Funny thing is, a year ago I was the ultimate Apple hater, and today I own an iPhone, an iPad Mini and now my beloved MacBook Air. Quite a change for one year.

Anyway, I'm in love with my Mac; once I got into all of the different ways of doing things - thanks to my own personal Apple guru and best friend, Kasper (find his blog here) - I can't imagine how I could live with "just a Windows computer" before. Don't get me wrong; I ain't mocking Windows, but I'm just so wrapped up in my Mac right now - haha.

Well, I'm quite babbly today, but the thing I wanted to post about was this:
A MacBook in itself is a piece of art, but I've found that different "goodies" can make a huge difference to just a black screen. A screensaver can go a long way, and it can actually compliment the interior in your office, living room or where ever you keep your computer.

I'm not so fond of the original screensavers that came with the Mac, so I quickly became obsessed with finding screensavers myself.
Of course I turned to Fliqlo right away; it's simple, minimalistic, beautiful and practical. However, after the new Mavericks update a few weeks ago, Fliqlo hasn't been updated for the new OS X system and therefore does not work with Mavericks.
In stead, I've found a couple of alternatives for beautiful screensavers - and don't worry; if you don't have a Mac, but instead are using a Windows computer, don't close this post down just yet! Because I'm glad to tell you that many screensavers today actually work on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Here's a few of the once I've downloaded - for free and entirely legal - over the last couple of weeks:


Flawless and beautiful, Fliqlo can be downloaded here and works for both Mac and Windows.
Note: After the new Mavericks for Mac, Fliqlo has yet to be updated. Still works with older OS X operating systems though.


A nice alternative while we're waiting for Fliqlo to update, is the FlipClock Europe 0.5 screensaver.
It works fine with Mavericks, and you can get both an American version (AM and PM) or an European version (24 hours). You can get the FlipClock screensaver(s) by following this link. 
Side Note: This is currently the screensaver I'm using the most.

3D FlipClock Screensaver

Yet another flip clock screensaver, although this one is just for the people using Windows - I thought I'd be a good girl and throw this one in too. Get it here.

Build Clock Screensaver

A nice alternative with an artistic edge. A bit distracting yes, but still very pretty - why not give it a chance? Get it here and prepare to be mesmerized. Works with Mavericks update.
Note: Needs an email signup for their newsletter, but don't worry; they don't fill your inbox with mails.

Word Clock 

Word Clock is a very simple and nice looking screensaver, which works as a clock, only instead of numbers it has the time in words. It's something new, and yet I can't figure out why it hasn't been done before. Works for both Mac (with Mavericks) and Windows, and you can get it for free here.

The Almanac Zoo

Clusta's "Almanac Zoo" is the last screensaver I have for you today. It's cute and funny and still very stylish and pleasant to look at. Minimalistic - yes - and also adorable. You can get the screensaver for free here, and it works for both Mac (Mavericks) and Windows.


Have a happy time pimpin' your computer! 

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