Sunday, February 2, 2014

DIY: How to paint IKEA's Frosta stool in any colour

Hello to you all on such a fine and sunny Sunday - how are you all doing? Had a great weekend?

Today I thought that I would show you how to paint the Frosta stool, which you can buy at IKEA for almost no money!
I don't know how it is around the world, but take a look in any teenagers room or the apartment of a young adult in Denmark,
and you're sure to find this exact stool. As said before, it's really cheap, really sturdy and can be used as an extra seat or a side table. There are tons of IKEA Hacks on the net on how to turn the Frosta into - well, pretty much anything! I've seen it as a sleigh, a TV table, a hat rack, a play bike and so on. If you're looking be a little creative, then just Google "IKEA Hack Frosta"...

... However, that craving for being creative can also be fulfilled right here!
There's no denying that the Frosta stool is practical, but not the prettiest of furniture - colour wise.
But as always: A little creativity, patience and imagination can go a long way.
So if you want the Frosta to match your other furniture, then all you have to do is paint it.
For inspiration, try to Google "IKEA Frosta paint" or come up with your own funny and creative idea.

NOW I KNOW that practically everyone says that you have to sandpaper it first, and that is true with bigger (and possibly more valuable) furniture. But I find that since this stool is so cheap, you don't have to go all out with the pre-painting part. Besides, if you just plan on using the Frosta as a small side table, this is the DIY for you. However, if you plan on using it as an everyday stool, then consider sandpapering, painting and varnishing it. It's a bigger project, but the paint will hold longer and it won't be as prone to dents and scratches.

Here we go

- I did not sandpaper my Frosta. 

- In stead I cleaned it with a damp cloth and then let it dry off completely before painting.

- I spread a bunch of old newspapers on the floor, 
making sure that I wouldn't accidentally splatter paint on my other furniture or the wooden floor. 

- I turned it upside down and started with the legs of the stool.

- With a big brush I painted the stool using simple acrylic paint. You can find it in every craft store.
Making sure I got into every nook and cranny, 
I painted one thick layer of paint, turning it back right side up and then painting the upper part of the stool.

- I let it dry for 12 hours before adding another thick coat of paint. 
Depending on how many coats you do, let it dry for 12 (one coat) to 24 (two coats) hours. 

After just one day you'll have an all new Frosta!
You can do this in any colour - though with lighter colours, you'll need to do 2-3 coats of paint, 
letting it dry for 6-12 hours between every coat.

This is just such a lovely - and easy + cheap - way to add new life to your Frosta. 
As a bonus, acrylic paint is really cheap and you'll only use about a tube of paint, so there's no reason for not trying this out!
It can even be done in your living room, if only you remember to spread a lot of newspapers on the floor before painting.

Have so much fun doing this - I had, and I love the result. 
Lots of positive thoughts and have the happiest of sunny Sundays 

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