Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Summary

This week has been kinda quiet - both in real life as well as here on the blog.
Nothing special has happened all week; I've been trying to alterate my "Summer vacation sleeping pattern", but that hasn't been going quite as well as I'd hoped. I start school again in two weeks time, and it would be rather nice not to walk around like a zombie because of my messed-up sleeping patterns - did anyone say First World problems, haha?
However, I do have hopes. I don't particularly want to start school again - in a way, this break has been both too long and too short at the same time. But in my hearts of hearts, I do kinda look forward to get back to a normal day, a normal rhythm and in general, just the normal day-to-day life that comes with school.

BUT! I still have a little of break left, and this week I've enjoyed it by sleeping late, watching TV, drinking gallons of coffee, reading good books and stuff like that. However, the absolute high-point of this week had to be Friday, where Kasper and I finally had our Horror Night.
We've been talking about it for over 6 months now, but we finally found the time Friday. Kasper came by at around 6 o'clock, and then we did a quick stop at the store, where we bought chips, candy, milkshakes and frozen pizzas - we went all out on the whole gluttony thing, haha. Then we went back to the flat, waited for the sun to set and started watching horror movies. Although, the word "watching" may be a little much; we had so much fun doing Vines and in general just laughing it up.
[The app "Vine" is a video app, where you can record short 6 second videos and upload them for the world to see. If you wanna find me, just search for "Natalie Madeleine" and I should appear]
The clock kept ticking, as it always does, and little by little we became more and more tired - and at around 5 o'clock we were so tired, that the whole thing seemed like a weird trip, haha. But we had loads of fun, and when Kasper went home at around 7.30 in the morning, it didn't take me long to just crash...

... and well, that was actually Saturday morning. I didn't want to sleep all day, but when I woke up again at around 11.30, I was so confused and messed up, that I crashed again a couple of hours later. Friday I woke up at 7, and when I went to bed again, it was Saturday and 7.30 o'clock. I'm not really all that good at staying up for that many hours - I know; I am really the epiphany of youth these days, haha - so it actually took me all of Saturday to get my head attached to my body again.

But today I'm fine. I got up at 10, ate breakfast and watched a couple of episodes of Buffy. My plans for today ain't heavy; I'm just gonna relax and take it easy. I'm saving my energy for the coming weekend, cause this Friday, Maria and I are having a girls weekend - actually, a mini vacation. We're borrowing the Swedish country house, and it's just gonna be a whole weekend of girly fun; shopping, sunbathing in the garden, movies and glasses of white wine (as always; none for me). I can't wait; we're going to have so much fun. But just as a side note: next weeks Sunday Summary might not be uploaded till Monday - we're driving back home on Sunday evening.

You all have the most wonderful and sunny Sunday,
and hopefully we'll see each other this forthcoming week.
Bye bye, and don't forget to smile

Kasper and I took this picture Friday evening 
- the ice creams were delicious; it was soooo hot out 

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