Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Summary

It's been a while since I've done one of these, and considering how little I actually have to offer in this "return of the Sunday Summaries", it may not be the best comeback. However, I'm not one for backing down, so let's just dive right in, shall we?

Well, last Sunday I travelled back to Denmark from Sweden by train. It was a very hot day, and the air-condition in the train was, of course, broken. So that wasn't exactly a fun ride. However, it was nice to get back home and back to "normal life", although not a whole lot has happened this week.

I've been Skypeing it up with Kasper most nights, and then Wednesday Maria called. She and her daughter Mel had been at a beach house with their family, but Wednesday the beach fun was over. She called me up rather abrupt and asked if I wanted to do something. Since my plans were to have a Harry Potter movie marathon (I know; I'm living life a little bit dangerously haha) I immediately said yes! Maria and Mel came by, and then we drove down to the harbour and ate some ice creams and enjoyed the blazing sunshine. Then, because it was just a tad too hot to sit in direct sunlight, we drove on back home to my place and grabbed a blanket, some fruit, several bottles of water and headed on down to the lake by my flat. There we sat for hours, just chatting it up, listening to music and having fun, while sweet little Mel enjoyed the sun, the nature and another ice cream.

And, well actually... that's about it. I'm not having the craziest of summers this year, but I actually don't mind that much. It's nice to go to bed at 4 in the morning and sleeping 'till the middle of the day, though it may not be the wildest way of living. But kidding aside though, I do enjoy having the freedom to do whatever I like whenever I like to do it. Because Summer's already over soon; only a couple of weeks left.
But I actually do look forward to get back to school; it'll be nice to get back to a normal rhythm once again - although I'd still like to place a bet on how long I'll be feeling that way, once school starts again :)

Have a lovely Sunday
- try not to melt away

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