Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunday Summary - Tuesday Edition

Welliti welliti welliti, things sure hasn't been running as smoothly here at f&f - not like they used to. But ah, what's a girl to do when there are soooo many other things to focus on?
Well, it might be Tuesday, but my brain can't let the thought of last weeks Sunday Summary go, so here it is - yes, on a Tuesday...

... There actually isn't much to tell about most of last week. Monday Maria came by in the evening, so that we could plan our upcoming trip to Sweden. And the finally, after waiting for months and months and months, we finally drove for the bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden.
Maria came by at around 9 in the morning Friday, and after a quick ciggy we drove off. It was such a fun - but long and hot - trip, but we managed to pass the time with lively discussions of politics, talks about Disney movies, laughs and endless bottles of water and cans of Coca Cola. We were in Växjö at around 1, and then we took a long stroll around town. It's been a while since I've been in Växjö Centrum, but ah how lovely it was. There was some kind of festival of sorts, so the streets were filled with happy, smiling people, street artists, children with balloons and girls with loads of shopping bags. Soon Maria and I were two of those girls; Maria shopped some clothes, and I spent my "Sweden Savings" in Lagerhaus; a big shop with loads of different things for the home - wups, haha!
Then we were on our way to do a little grocery shopping, and then finally we drove to the country house in the woods. After unpacking, I gave Maria the grand tour, and luckily she fell in love with the surroundings at once. The rest of Friday was spent outside in the sunny garden with coffee and ciggys, and then late in the evening we went inside and watched a Disney movie and totally pigged out, haha!

Saturday we got up at around 9, and then the day just went fast from there on out. The hours just flew by; coffee and Netflix were involved, and of course, many many hours were spent outside in the garden. It was just such a nice day, but the best thing about it was the happy and relaxed look on Maria's face all weekend. It was just so nice to see that she had a lovely time.
In the evening, when it got too chilly to sit outside, we went inside and watched a couple of movies before we crashed.

And finally Sunday. Such a shame we didn't have more time in the Swedish paradise, but we had a nice couple of days. We took our time with breakfast and then, little by little, we started doing all of the chores such as vacuuming the floors and all that jazz. We were on our way home at around 2, and then just a quick stop to get gas and groceries in Växjö, and then we were really on our way home. But it was a fun trip; we played 20 Questions with a Disney theme, had a few ciggy breaks and in general just had such a fun time listening to Maria's daughter's "Åh Abe" CD.
We were back in Roskilde at around 6, and then I just spent the evening unpacking and listening to The Hunger Games audio book.

Whether your day is rainy or sunny,
I hope it's lovely

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