Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Vibes

Hiyah all, how are y'all enjoying this beautiful Summer?

Well well well, I had vowed to blog oh so much more after exams and graduating, but that didn't quite pan out, right-o? Yes-o! So I thought it was time for a new update and what I've been up to lately.

Well, right now I'm sitting outside in the gorgeous green garden of my Swedish Paradise. Yes, I've been here for a couple of weeks now, and since I'm going home tomorrow, I thought it would be nice with the annual "Swedish Summer Vacation" post.
I'm here with my folks, and mostly we've been enjoying the weather, sitting outside in the garden and living it up. We've made a couple of appearances out in the real world, but mostly I've been enjoying my Swedish Paradise oh so much.

Here are some pictures of my past two weeks here:

The standard shot of our beautiful old Swedish house. 
I just love this place; Summer or Winter, this place is gorgeous and cozy...

... As is the garden!
Look at these beautiful flowers, they're called "Lupiner" in Swedish and are here every Summer.

My mum is like a magnet for butterflies! ...

... This one actually landed on her hand and didn't move for 30 minutes!

Cantarella mushrooms are like a secret trade up here. 
They're pretty hard to find; you have to walk around in the forest for hours before finding a spot with  just five. If you find a Cantarella mushroom spot, you keep it a secret! And since we don't have a spot, we cheated and bought ours in town. 

Wednesday we drove the 100 kilometres to Öland. Öland is a long island on the east coast near Skåne, and it's the hangout spot for Swedish celebs - oh, and thousands of campers! I didn't spot any celebs, but I counted 164 motor homes! We drove and drove and drove to find a quiet place to eat our picnic dinner, and after 2 hours we finally found a fairly secluded stone beach with almost no people. It was a fantastic place!

On Thursday we visited the city of Oskarshamn. It's a beautiful city known for it's harbour and Nuclear Plant. Sounds heavy, but we actually took a tour of the plant. They weren't trying to persuade you to take a stance on the Good vs. Bad things about Nuclear Plants, but instead they showed us how they dispose of the waste. They bury it in huge metal tombs 500 meters under the ground. I actually got to go 500 meters under the ground, and it was a pretty interesting day.

In Oskarshamn we visited Sweden's longest bench. Not the wow-factor it sounds like (( haha )) but it was actually a really pretty spot with really pretty and well-kept flowers.

And this is (( part of )) the bench.

And the last couple of days we've just been home, grilling' and chill in' ...

... And eating delicious dinners!

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