Friday, October 3, 2014

Winter is coming - 10 tips to help you get ready for the colder months

Ah, a Game of Thrones reference never hurts, does it? No!
But in all seriousness, winter is coming - albeit a tad slow.
However, here in Denmark Fall has finally made an appearance. Fall is my absolute favourite season; in my opinion there's nothing more beautiful or life affirming than a gorgeous Fall day - you know, where it's crisp out but the sun is still shining, the leaves have a beautiful shade of orange and you can finally snuggle up in your favourite coat, scarf and beanie.
Another great thing about Fall is that it get's darker out - now, most people don't like that but to them I say: use it to your advantage! That's why I've gathered these 10 tips for you to get cozy and enjoy the weather change and a new season - these tips will, most definitely, get you through the colder months . . . because winter is coming (( dum dum duuuuuum, haha )).

1. Acknowledge that Summer's over and it's time for a new season
- once you do, you'll start to see that even though the sun might not 
be shining as much anymore, there's still lots of beauty to be found. 

2. Use the light - or more likely, the lack of light
- there's no denying that is is getting both colder and darker out.
But that may not be a bad thing; if you invest in some light chains 
(( no, they're not just for Christmas )) and hang them around in your apartment, 
you'll really get a cozy feel to the place. You don't even have to turn them off at daytime; 
a grey and rainy day can get a lot more happy with some twinkly lights. 

3. Treat yourself
- so you feel a little down? The rain messed up your pretty hair-do and the weekend's far away? 
Woman ((or man)) - treat yourself! Magazines may be a bit expensive, but maybe just one mag a month - or even an old one - can instantly make you feel that coziness. Have a glass of wine, take your time, read the articles and get inspired. Either save it for the weekend or have a mid-week break on a Wednesday evening - it doesn't matter, as long as it makes you feel good and happy. 

4. Cozy knits
- it's a little crisp out and you feel kinda cold. Most of us do not have a fireplace (( although, who can honestly say that they don't want one? )) so we have to get warm another way. Occam's Razor suggest that you put on a cozy knit. Why not put on some woollen socks and a huge scarf as well? There's nothing more cozy than snuggling up on the couch, feeling warm in a knit and . . .

5. Have a cuppa tea
- Nothing beats gearing down after a long day than with a huge cuppa tea. I suggest you drink Yogi Tea - you'll get the most amazing flavours and some inspiring words of wisdom on the tea tag.  

6. Make the most out of sunny days
- So the sun has finally decided to make an appearance and you should enjoy it! Go for a walk or open your windows wide; get some of that clean and crisp air in your lungs - and your home. Clean the house or just sit back 
- either way, when the sun's finally shining, 
you should do whatever you can to soak it in!

7. Pick some apples
- Fall is the absolute best season to get apples, why? Because you can pick them yourself! 
There's nothing like having a bowl with fresh and clean apples, but if you pick them yourself (( perhaps with someone you love? )) you'll not only have the delicious apple treats but also a life long Fall memory. 

8. Pick some flowers
- if you're already picking apples then why not pick some flowers too? 
The side of the road may not be overflowing with flowers anymore, but there's still some left which you can pick. 
Remember to cut them at the ends and give them fresh water every day. 

9. Enjoy the evenings
- even though it may be a boring old Tuesday evening doesn't mean that you can enjoy yourself. 
A good movie, a glass of wine and a cozy blanket goes a long way to make you feel happy and relaxed - even on a Tuesday evening. If you're stressed for time then get everything ready for tomorrow, start the movie early, eat dinner in front of the telly and just relax and enjoy your life. 

(( and of course ))
10. Candles, candles, candles!
- there's nothing like candles; they give off warmth, give your place a cozy and warm glow and, of course, they're just so darn lovely! However you like 1 candle or 10, tea candles or taper candles, nobody can deny that the colder months are made for cozy candlelit evenings. 

○ Enjoy! 

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